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Docking Station, 12 Ports USB C Hub Triple-Display USB C Adapter with Triple 4K-HDMI, Type C PD, 4 USB Ports, Gigablit Ethernet, SD/TF Card Reader Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air More Type C devices - Brand New


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      Sleek and does the job

      I was asked to review this product.
      I have two monitors but one of them is a slightly older model and I did not have HDMI cable for it. But it worked well with one monitor connected via the hub and my older monitor connected via the laptop.
      I could not test the ULTRA HD 4K OUTPUT as my monitors do not have that option.
      It is main advantage is that it has many ports so you can have many devices attached at once and you dont have to rely on the limited ports provided by your laptop.
      It is very useful when you work both from home and the office as this removes the need to plug and un-plug all your cables when you need to take your laptop with you.
      In addition, it is lightweight and looks sleek.
      I cannot compare it to other similar devices as this is the first I have used but overall, it does the job and looks good.

      Such a useful gadget

      This is such a useful product! Using this docking station I was able to move 500 pictures from my computer to my phone in the space of around 3 seconds, while simultaneously charging my phone and wireless earbuds. The fact that you can have so many devices attached at once is very useful indeed. There are 2 USB 2.0 slots, 2 USB 3.0, a micro SD card slot, a SD card slot, 3 HDMI ports and a USB C port and an Ethernet port. This docking station has everything anyone could ever need in order for them to manage their technology. It is lightweight, sleek and would fit in any bag easily with no 'extras' needed. The only issue may be if devices dont have the USB 3.1 Type C port. Overall however I really recommend this product, and the versatility is amazing

      Extremely versatile USB hub

      While the majority of USB hubs out there are designed for portable use with laptops and generally have 6 slots, I was looking for a larger hub that I could use with my iMac at home. When it arrived, I was surprised to see that it’s only 1cm wider than my previous 6 slot hub.

      I’m currently using this to extend my iMac to two Samsung ultra HD monitors and it works perfectly with no issues in resolution. Out of curiosity I also extended my MacBook to the same two monitors - again with no issues in quality or lag.

      The overall design is modern, portable and sturdy. It’s lightweight yet you can throw it into a bag without fear of damage. Cable is strong, through like most hubs, could do with being a little longer for use with desktop computers. I use an iMac and if plugged into the first USB slot, it sits nicely on the stand - so I'm happy! The slots are well positioned - all 4 USB slots are on one side (with additional USB-C) - this is great for quick access of USB drives. The HDMI slots and card readers are on the opposite side. I like the fact that the ethernet port is on the end which keeps it out of the way. You will quickly wonder how you managed to live without the extra USB ports - especially when it comes to phone/tablet charging. Now you have everything in one place!

      It’s also worth noting that the claim about not overheating is true. While there is some ‘warmth’ of the casing after several hours of use, it doesn’t get ‘hot’ like other hubs. This is a plus and I wan't at all worried about overheating.

      Having tried several USB hubs, this one is by far my best purchase and I would happily recommend to anyone looking to purchase a portable, versatile hub.

      Adding extra screens to a laptop.

      I purchased this item to add extra screens to my work laptop in support of working from home. Firstly item was delivered on time and arrived undamaged in good packaging. the unit worked for me first time as it is plug and play, so very straight forward to use. The only minor set up I needed to do was to use the windows configuration tool to set the order of the extra screens, which was not hard to do and would have been required when you add more screens and wasn't specific to this item. Its rather unexciting as it just sits on my desk and works, which is the main thing. I've had it for 3 months now, and it has been trouble free.

      Be careful...

      Not all USB C ports are equal and despite this implying you just need a USB C, it is wrong.

      It worked perfectly for USB peripherals but not screen outputs and I got a windows notification for limited functionality.

      Even if you have a USB C, make sure your brand can output video on it (not to be confused with Thunderbolt) as some USB C (like mine) can only output data and not video.

      Returned this therefore but it was good for everything else bar the video.

      Quality that will last.

      This is the second Fitfort USB-C hub I've bought(first one is 3 usb ports & sd slot and will be passed onto my son). Excellent quality, you can see and feel the build quality as soon as you open the box. Which needs mentioning too. Delivery was prompt and package was excellent.I won't use all 12 ports at once but it's nice to know they are there if needed.I've plugged them all in to make sure everything was working and of course it was, as I said they are excellent build quality.I'd highly recommend this 12 in 1 USB hub to everyone.

      Excellent and well equipped usb hub

      Well what a useful and well equipped little device this is!

      It has 3 HDMI ports for mulit screen use with the option of 4k along with memory card slots, two 2.0 USB ports, two 3.0 USB ports, an Ethernet port and 2 USB-C ports.

      It is sleek and modern-looking, compact, lightweight and portable.

      The ports are firm and well built giving excellent connection.
      Having bought cheaper alternatives in the past and wasted my money on poor build quality, cheap parts and flimsy cases, im glad i now have this one which is excellent in every way and i cant fault it.

      Dont hesitate with this, save time and just click buy will not be dissapointed.

      Brilliant little device!

      I had originally bought the previous version of this device which came with a VGA and HDMI ports. Unfortunately, I use two HDMI monitors attached to my laptop. So I was still having to use the small "ASUS -supplied" adapter you also see in the photo. Now having used this adapter for the last few years, it's not very robust, and has caused the adapter socket on my laptop mainboard to become a little loose. This has resulted in the monitor connected via that adapater to flicker on/off too frequently for my liking. Now when I was only using this set-up occasionally it wasn't so bad, but since I've been working from home since March it has become extremely irritating. So when I was asked if I would be interested in testing out the new version of the FitFort USB adapter with 3 HDMI sockets on it, I jumped at the chance ... I have to say, this little device is fantastic. It comfortably copes with 2 HDMI monitors connected (unfortunately, I don't have a third to try!). I've also got a wired (ethernet) connection now to reduce any Wi-Fi drop-outs. The other benefit is that it still has 4 USB ports, which I can use for memory sticks and for an external hard drive (that I use for backups and media storage). And as if that wasn't enough ... it also has SD-card reader sockets, which I also use for formatting and writing Raspian OS to for my Raspberry Pi's!The device has expanded the possibilities for me, since a few years ago I chose to purchase a lighter and more portable laptop which sacrifices certain sockets for portability, and hence the adapter which connects to a now wobbly micro-USB socket, but thankfully I don't have to use that adapter any more now thanks to this device.It does heat up a little, but it's nothing to be alarmed about :) I couldn't do without the FitFort adapter now! Easy to set-up. Easy to use. All my sockets in one place on the same side of my desk, and rock-solid HDMI connections and no flickering monitors!

      Cracking piece of kit!

      I’ve recently purchased a new MacBook Pro, which has limited inputs. What I’d also failed to take into account was that none of my other equipment/ plug-ins would be compatible...I do a lot of work in my music studio, and use the MacBook as a tool for working through some ideas I’ve had away, and playing around with them. So I needed to be able to plug in a larger, second display, some midi-equipment and other audio sources. This hub is PERFECT as it allows me to keep using USB 2 and 3 cables without having to convert/buy new equipment (some not compatible with USB C). It also allows me to hardwire to the internet via Ethernet connector etc.

      I love this hub. I couldn’t believe just how much difference it would make to the speed of backing up my external hard drives (see pic).
      The build quality is excellent and packaged beautifully.
      For me, it’s money well spent and I would happily recommend it to anyone else wondering what hub to purchase.
      It’s saved me a fortune and has given me options. Happy chappy 😀

      Very Good Product

      I use recording software and intend to set up a small home studio, so the multiple screen capability is the essential attraction of this unit for me and, indeed, it is quite amazing. In the 'extend' mode on my Macbook Pro I can drag windows to different monitors and interact with them separately. As per the photograph, I quickly set up an additional monitor using a TV with HDMI input and placed the laptop next to it. The cursor pointer moves smoothly between the screens by going off the edge of one on to the other. For instance, in the example, I can adjust the mixer levels on the left and move to the screen on the right to make track adjustments, etc. When I actually set it up properly, I will have one monitor either side of the laptop. I used it for 8 hours without a single glitch or flicker and it was powering my laptop at the same time. The hub actually has 3 HDMI outputs so the flexibility is considerable (subject to the limits of your computer/software) and you can also use a 'mirror' mode whereby all screens display the same. As to the other aspects of this unit, it has so many ports with different capabilities that I imagine, for most people, it will be the only external hub ever needed for current technology. It comes well boxed with basic instructions (specific instructions for setting up displays are applicable to your Mac/PC support). Overall, nicely constructed with a quality feel, at a favourable price compared with similar products and, accordingly, recommended.

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