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Sound & Vision

Plug in to our selection of wired or wireless headphones, earphones, pods, and gaming headphones. Whether you are glued to your gaming chair, commuting, or jogging along to your favourite songs, the prices in this collection will mean that you can listen to your bangers for a bargain!

Kick back, OR get the party started and let the bass boom! Make this happen with one of our bluetooth speakers from big brands including: Bush, JBL, Sony, JVC and many others. If you prefer it old school (like we do) and just love the sound of vinyl, take a look at our selection of record players that will no doubt keep the party rocking! If you prefer some mellow vibes whilst working on your laptop, or want to intensify that gaming output, head over to our selection of PC speakers to get the right sized set up for you at a price you just cannot refuse.