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UGREEN USB 3.0 Switch, 2 In 4 Output USB 3.0 Sharing Switcher Box KM Switch Hub for Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer with 2 Pcs of 1.5M USB 3.0 A to A Cable - Brand New


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USB 3.0 switch for keyboard and mouse

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USB 3.0 switch for keyboard and mouse

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Excellent -- works with lots of devices, no glitches

      I was prepared to experience difficulties when I bought this device -- I've had a lot of issues with KVM switches in the past, including devices disappearing randomly, unexpected input switches, even crashes requiring every device be unplugged before anything worked again! So I was super happy to discover that this little switch just works.I currently have mine switching between my work laptop and my gaming rig, with plugged in my keyboard, mouse, powered speakers, and another USB hub with my webcam and headset attached. Everything has worked perfectly for the past week. Very impressed!I have not needed to attach external power -- but I haven't tried to plug in anything that draws a lot of juice, like a bus-powered hard drive.Just one quibble: the outputs are labelled 1 on the left and 2 on the right, but the actual USB outputs are 2 on the left and 1 on the right -- that confused me for a while when I first set it up :)

      So far, suprisingly good.

      Have heard about these but never gone for one. This was partly because I was somewhat dubious, about connecting two laptops to an external keyboard and a mouse. My major concern being, one laptop was Windows 10 and the other, was an old Dell XPS running Windows XP.So far. I'm very impressed. Setting up was somewhat easy. One is supplied with the switch box, which is actually somewhat small, about the size of a package of cigarettes, but half the thickness. Two usb cables are also supplied. Each usb lead is plugged into a usb socket on each laptop and then plugged into the back of the switch box with the two usb ports showing, The front has four usb ports. I plugged the keyboard into the far right port, and the mouse next to it. The switch box has a small button on the top and a blue light. When you push the button, there is about a 2 second delay, and the other blue light next to it illuminates. And yes, to my surprise, it changed between the Window 10 and XP laptop within a couple seconds.Time will tell how long it keeps going, but so far, I'm very impressed. I'm at a laptop all day, and using the inbuilt keyboard in not good for one's wrists as they keys are flat. With the external keyboard, it's obviously angled, thus making it far easier to type. Having an external mouse, as apposed to the touchpad is also a lot more comfortable.As of yet, I haven't plugged in my printer, so cannot comment.

      Tom Hicks

      I set this up, plugging in my mouse and keyboard & it seemed to work perfectly, switching seamlessly between both my devices.

      However, I began experiencing drop-outs on the keyboard and sometimes the mouse. As my keyboard is a RGB backlit one, I expected higher-power draw and had already attached an external power-supply through the provided micro-usb. As the drop-outs were easily ammended through switching between devices and didn't always affect the mouse, I figured the power-plug I was using wasn't providing enough amps. Trying two different plugs (including my 5A oneplus charger) had no effect. Furthermore, attaching the power-plug from my keyboard to my pc, so no power was drawn through the switch made no difference.

      I will be returning this for a refund.

      A solution to a first-world problem!

      It comes with a set of two USB 3.0. cables (male type A on both ends) to connect the hub to two different PCs. Then you can connect a set of peripherals to it and you can switch its use between the two PCs with the click of a button. I use it to connect a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard and a headset to two desktop PCs. I also have one free port to use when I want to connect any other USB device like a USB stick, gamepad/controller, etc. Also I am able to use the keyboard to boot to the UEFI BIOS and also use the mouse (or keyboard) to change settings there.

      By the way for those of you who have two or more PCs/laptops/tablets (which you probably have if you are looking to buy this product to begin with) and want to use one set of keyboard/mouse for all you may want to consider a software solution called Synergy. I have Synergy installed on my several computers/laptops/tablets and I can really move the mouse from one screen (PC1) to another (PC2) to another (PC3), etc, and even share clipboard to drag and drop files amongst them. Also share keyboard as well (active to where the mouse is).

      Now why did I buy this hardware USB solution on top of Synergy, you may ask? Well, first, Synergy only allows sharing of a keyboard and mouse (not other peripherals like a gamepad/controller), and secondly (and most importantly) it requires the PC on which the mouse and keyboard are connected to, to be turned on as that particular PC acts as the "server". Now with this puppy I can just turn on either of the two desktop PC and be able to use the keyboard and mouse without necessarily having to have the "server PC" on. It also allows me to use either desktop as servers and have one on when I also use my laptops. .... And this ladies and gentleman is a first-world problem, solved!

      *As an idea for future development I would have liked to have such a hub to be able to toggle individual devices between different PCs separately than all of them together.

      Siobhan S
      Works well with Corsair peripherals and webcam

      Needed a device to allow me to easily swap between my desktop and work laptop, as for a long time I was unplugging my keyboard and mouse from the other each time I wanted to swap devices. Now I can do this at a click of a button! Had it running for a few days now and I’m really happy with it.

      I’m using a Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard, Scimitar Pro mouse and a 1080p webcam and all works great. Not noticed any input lag or issues so far and iCUE still works as expected. I have not currently got the Micro USB power connected, as it didn’t ship with a cable for some reason.

      Can support up to four devices to share, with two decent quality and length USB cables to plug into computer A and B.

      Siana Westley
      Make sure both computers provide enough USB power

      It's a nice device, mostly does what it says on the tin, and for some people will do the job with very little delay in switchover time between your computers.
      However, I've tried two of the UGREENs, and unless the computers you want to use them with have enough power output on their USB ports, you will experience a few drop outs every minute, making it impossible to type or use a mouse.
      I tried two external power supplies, and as other reviewers have said. these make no difference whatsoever.
      I've now bought an eSynic device instead, which although it is a little more expensive, both comes with a power supply, as well as having the additional advantage of soft-switch functionality (using the mouse or keyboard to toggle between devices) - and haven't looked back.
      I'll happily upgrade this UGREEN review from a 2* to a 4* is the product description is changed to:
      a) Specify that a minimum wattage is required form the computers' USB ports
      b) Stop specifying that an external power source can be used.

      Please note that the power draw problem with this product is _not_ down to the draw of the peripherals. I tried individually the lowest wattage membrane (non mechanical/non-backlit) keyboard I could find, as well as individually, a simple two-button mouse with no flashy light effects, and neither worked solo through this device, but could happily be used simultaneously with other peripherals when connected directly to the PC.


      I've only had this for 3 weeks but it's been great - perfect for connecting a bunch of core devices to share between two computers. In my case I've been using it to share a single keyboard/mouse/graphics tablet (or any other USB device such as my USB thumb drives, game controllers, printer etc) between a Windows PC and an M1 Mac Mini and it's been great.

      It's really simple - just a 4 port hub with a push-button switch to chose which of the 2 outputs to direct to. It comes with 2 USB 3.0 cables, each about 150cm long and has an micro USB input port for a 5V power supply (which is not included).

      I've been really happy with it - it's saved me from cluttering a single desk with multiple keyboards and mice and has been plug and play from the get-go.

      The only downside is the weight of the hub - it's pretty light and the 2 output cables at the back have a habit of lifting it up at the front sometimes. I think a sturdier and heavier case would give it more stability. Other than that, I really like it as it's helped keep my desk space cleaner and tidier.

      Works brilliantly as keyboard/mouse switcher

      Bought this to connect my USB keyboard and mouse to both of my desktops at once, so that I could switch between them at the press of a button. Does the job exceptionally well. There's about a 1 second delay when switching, but that's totally acceptable,and it works flawlessly every time, without either device doing that awful "found new hardware" thing on switching.

      Could be improved by all the USB ports being on the same side so that I can better hide the cable runs down the back of my desk.

      Also it's very light which means poorly placed cables will lift it off the desk surface, but it seems well made, is small and blends into the dark colour of my desk very well, so I don't notice it, but for the small blue LED.

      No noticeable input lag on the KB or mouse, so suitable for gaming too, which I wasn't sure it was going to be.

      Rachel O'Sullivan
      Not suitable for high-draw devices

      I setup the product for easy switching of a keyboard, mouse, webcam and usb headset between personal and work computers whilst working from home. Whilst it seems happy enough with just the keyboard mouse and camera plugged in, the headset seems to be a step too far. I have had the usb switch cause my entire PC to lockup when I plug in the headset, as well as when I hit the mute switch on it. Assuming this must be because the devices draw too much power, I plugged a spare charger into the micro-usb socket but to no avail, as it still crashed multiple times.

      Whether this is an issue with my work PC being unable to provide enough power through its usb port (my personal pc seemed to work ok), it is clear that the micro-usb port for additional power does nothing, and this product is therefore not fit for purpose.

      Having suffered 5 crashes on my first day of use, I cannot recommend this to anyone unless they have the lightest of uses planned.

      John Stall
      Fast, well designed, 4 USB 3.0 port switch between 2 systems

      This is an amazing USB switch between working laptop and gaming PC. I have mouse, keyboard and fingerprint reader connected to it. I tried 3 different switches and this is the best:

      • Switches fast (1s) between systems in comparison with some other USB switches.
      • LEDs, indicating active computer, are not distracting and blinding in the dark, like on some other USB switches.
      • Switches between systems via very nice and easy push button.
      • Shares up to 4 USB 3.0 peripheral devices between two systems.
      • Plug-n-play, no drivers needed.
      • Backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1
      • Can be powered via Micro USB 5V port, which also allows it to remember last active system.

      This switch worked nice with:

      • Benss PIN Code Free Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 (£26), plug-n-play, no drivers needed, mounted on
      • USB 3.0 Adapter 90 Degree Right Angled USB Connector (£6), connected into USB switch to make reader surface point up.

      I use dual system and sometimes suspend one or another. To make sure that fingerprint reader (or any other shared device) keeps working after sleep, you need to make sure that Windows 10 is not powering it off:
      1. Press [Windows Key] + X and choose "Device Manager" from the list.
      2. Locate your fingerprint reader under "Biometric Devices" section.
      3. Right click your fingerprint reader and choose "Properties".
      4. Navigate to [Power Management] tab and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
      5. Click OK to save changes.

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