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With its ergonomic shape and specific versions for right and left-handers, our STABILO EASYbirdy fountain pen is perfect to help children practise their writing with. Thanks to its non-slip grip zone, the fountain pen will sit securely in the hand and allows for a relaxed finger hold. What?s really special... Read more

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With its ergonomic shape and specific versions for right and left-handers, our STABILO EASYbirdy fountain pen is perfect to help children practise their writing with. Thanks to its non-slip grip zone, the fountain pen will sit securely in the hand and allows for a relaxed finger hold. What?s really special about this fountain pen is the nib, which can be set to three different positions simply by using the tool included. The pen can therefore be adjusted to suit the children?s personal hand positiion, which will help give a pleasant relaxed hand posture when writing - clean cursive and fluid writing are no longer a problem. What?s more, the encased fountain pen nib protects against inky fingers. The five colourful variants for right-handers and three for left-handers also guarantee tons of fun at school.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      Lovely Pen To Write With

      I have a love of all things pens so was really excited to try this “Easy Start” fountain pen. The packaging includes everything you need to get started straight away - blue ink cartridge and a tool for adjusting the nib to different positions that suit your writing style. As soon as I put the ink cartridge into the pen, I was able to start writing with it immediately - no need to shake the pen or squeeze the ink cartridge to get the ink flowing. I have not used fountain opens that much as I remember them to be scratchy pen that ripped through the paper etc. Not so with this beautiful turquoise pen, the ink flows smoothly without leaks or drips and it dries quickly on the page. The barrel has a nice ergonomic shape so is really comfortable to hold and write with. I can see why this is called an “Easy Start” pen as it will be suitable for anyone who has never written with a fountain pen before. Another brilliant product from Stabilo!

      A good fountain pen for children but at questionable value.

      While my memories of fountain pen use are clouded by school-era experiences, I have become interested in them again not least because of their use in sketching.

      What you get:
      The Stabilo EASYbird is an adjustable nib position, ergonomically-shaped fountain pen. It is made of plastic, has an out-sized lid with a pocket clip on it and little windows in the barrel to show how much ink is left. It is described by Stabilo as a school fountain pen and that is clearly the market they are aiming for rather than sketchers. Included in the package is royal blue, erasable ink cartridge and a tool for adjusting the nib. I was supplied with a right-handed pen and the adjustment changes the nib angle for a user’s posture - or as I think it might be better described - their favoured hand position.

      In use:
      To adjust the nib angle you need to unscrew the pen to then access and remove the empty place-holder cartridge before inserting the tool and unscrewing. Having loosened the nib though I found adjusting the nib position and then tightening it up again not quite as simple as I thought it would be. I managed it but I think it is one of those things that once adjusted is best left alone. For me personally I returned it to the straight-ahead position, centrally aligned.

      The pen is comfortable to hold due to the tapered grip section where you place your fingers. The ink cartridge inserted very easily and positively with zero mess and ink flow happened after a short while without any drama. The pen lid is huge - especially as the body tapers markedly at the other end, but I quite like the look and feel of the pen. The lid will not post i.e. fit on the end of the pen while in use. I am currently only using fountain pens at home so that’s not the end of the world for me but it will increase the likelihood of lost lids, dried out pens and damaged nibs for those using theirs out and about or at school. Mind you, you’ll be hard placed to permanently lose such a large lid!

      I did a bit of writing (which I am not going to show you as mine is still dreadful!) and then moved onto sketching with it. I wasn’t expecting much because a) it is a child’s handwriting fountain pen, and b) it has a medium size nib. Actually though the ink flow is good and the nib is pretty smooth across the paper and not at all scratchy. It wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice as a sketching pen I suspect, but I actually enjoyed drawing with it and it was precise enough for my needs. The royal blue ink is really nice, too, by the way and makes regular dark blue ink look dull by comparison. Should anyone want to try sketching with these pens then I believe that they take standard short cartridges which should mean that permanent, water-resistant ink cartridges can be used with them.

      I then handed the pen over to my son to try. Although he didn’t complain about it, he seemed awkward using it with the standard nib position as the pen was almost sideways while he wrote and drew. I would have changed the nib angle again with the tool but as an ink cartridge was now in place and as my son is not in general a fountain pen fan, we took it as read that the adjustment options would probably have helped him. Overall though he did find the EASYbird by far preferable to my other fountain pen, which has a fine nib, so I think that the wider and smoother nib on this pen helped him.

      Fun-looking and attractive design, which is most likely to resonate with young children I think.
      Comfortable to hold and use for both child and adult.
      Nice smooth ink flow and writing and drawing experience from the medium size nib, making it a good choice for children.
      The pen overall feels really well made and so hopefully would be pretty childproof.
      No mess or leaks during our usage.
      The royal blue ink went under my radar when I first used the pen but looking back at the sketches now I really like the colour.
      The ability to adjust the nib position/angle should you need/want to could be very helpful.
      Handy windows to check on ink use (transparent bodied pens achieve the same result).
      It takes standard short ink cartridges I believe, which gives loads of choice of ink colour and type.
      It supposedly can take two small or one large ink cartridges. I wasn’t able to check this as I have just used the supplied one.
      Non-slip grip section.
      You can switch between a Medium and A (beginner nib) so the pen could grow with a child’s abilities.
      The pen includes space to write your/a child’s name on the pen - providing you can write every small in something permanent!

      Nib adjustment a bit more fiddly than it needs to be. Take a look at the video first. You aren’t likely to want to faff with this on a regular basis.
      Not sure whether the nib adjustment will be necessary for all users.
      Price is a bit of a shock as it is well into the grown-up pen range.
      Lid cannot be posted so it is more likely to get lost.

      In my view this pen is more child friendly and childproof than a normal fountain ...

      Good grip to hold it.

      A nice handwriting fountain pen, that takes standard refills, but the style and position of the nib I felt was too overcomplicated for general users, and that a simple fountain pen would have peen simpler and easier to use.

      Comes complete with a single refill and a red nib changer tool, and i spent a while wondering if the red tool would somehow be stored in the body of the pen but didn't seem possible, which would have been a great advantage as it would prevent a possible loss or throwing out in future.

      But no extra refills and having a pen that is adjusted for a single personalised user seemed to be a bit over -engineered for simple day to day use in the home, especially as it is for kids growing up the writing style still may change over time also.

      What i did find strange, is that if you adjust the nib, after inserting the ink refill, then to change the nib position, after trying out the first few times, the ink cartridge then has to be pulled out again, and as it is already punctured, will probably spill out whilst trying to adjust the nib again.
      A bit of a kerfuffle...

      Also the style of it capped on a desk looked like a home pregnancy test...

      Good For Kids

      I ordered this to try out because why not? I was offered this for an unbiased review which is below: - The packaging for the pen is fun and intuitive for kids. It is certainly eye-catching. - The pen is made with nice vibrant colours and is easy to hold, particularly for children. - It's easy enough to replace the ink cartridges in the pen, maybe a little more difficult for a child. - The pen writes well. - The bit for me which knocks off a star is the price point. It is too expensive.I would recommend this pen at a lower price, otherwise I would say get cheaper. Pens go walkabouts way too often to be paying this much. Otherwise a great pen for kids!

      Too Expensive For School ...

      This is a well designed and aesthetically pleasing pen, which due to its adaptable handle grip can be used by both left as well as right handed children. My son, who has autism and has a problem with handwriting due to co-ordination issues, found this an easy pen to use because its size enabled him to grip it effectively, and the nib was very smooth and durable, and could be used on all standard types of papers. I found adjusting the nib a pain however, as I could find no instructions on how to this, and experimented until I discovered that you use the red tool to unscrew the nib and adjust. It wasn’t clear to me after all that effort what substantial difference there was in the angles. Also, if the ink cartridge is loaded already, then prepare to get inky fingers. The barrel has two see through windows that enable you to see how much ink has been used, which is useful. Refilling is easy, and there seems to be little leakage. The only drawback is the price, which is quite expensive in my opinion, so would be quite a cost if the pen was lost or stolen at school, which I suspect t is a pretty strong possibility. We therefore plan to keep it for homework only, which seems a shame. Recommended for quality, but too expensive for everyday school use.

      Mightier than a Sword?

      My hand writing was so bad at school that they asked me to stop using a fountain pen and move to a ball point. I was then told several more times to move to a ball point and I already had! Learning to master your handwriting is hard for some kids and a good tool is needed to get the best from them. Stabilo have created a series of products that are designed to help kids as they evolve through school and they even go as far as to produce the products in both right hand and left hand versions. The ‘Easybirdy Fountain Pen’ is designed for those first starting to use this type of pen.

      You can tell from the design that Stabilo have thought hard about what makes using a fountain pen so difficult to use and fixing this. The handle has a chunky bump that is easy to grip and comfortable, but the best element for me is the contained nib. It pokes out and is a fountain pen nib, but it is hidden more than your average pen so you don’t smear ink all over you hand and exercise book. This nib is actually movable so you can extend it should you become more confident by opening the pen and pushing it up a little. This process is achievable, but not the easiest solution I have ever come across.

      The ink cartridges used are the standard stubby ones that most school pens used, so this Stabilo will be compatible with all the ink you have should you decide to change your pen halfway through the year. This pen is a viable alternative to all the Parker Pens out there and if you know a secondary student just starting who is a little unsure of their writing, this is a tool that will help them ever so slightly to improve.

      Great ergonomic pen that makes learning/maintaining the correct grip easy

      We have already tried the Stabilo EASYoriginal roller ball pen which has a similar ergonomic shape that makes learning to write and grip a pen correctly, effortless. This Easybirdy pen is different in that it is a Fountain Pen that takes standard refill cartridges (so you won't need special refills like the EASYoriginal). It also has an adjustable nib (although its a bit of an IQ test to figure out how to do that given the non existent instructions). As you can see from the side by side comparison the Easybirdy grip guides are more subtle and it is designed for key stage 2 and up while the EASYoriginal is for key stages 1 and 2. So this pen is for beginners who are already beginning to get comfortable holding a pen. The nib adjuster works by unscrewing the body and taking the plastic bits out and then using the supplied red tool to unscrew a bit of the internal works and then push the nib out. You can then replace the nib in one of three settings to adjust the nib to different angles to suit your hand position. The supplied ink is meant to be erasable with an ink eraser but I didn't try that. The only gripes are the pen is more expensive (but then refills are cheaper) and the pen has a space for a personalised label (same as the EASYoriginal) but no labels were included in this pack (whereas they came with the EASYoriginal). Otherwise a great pen for learning to write that will aid developing a correct grip and prevent fatigue.

      Ergonomic and smooth

      I'm always on the lookout for any tools or items that make my kids ' lives easier. My oldest is autistic and his hand writing is something he's always having to work hard on to make legible. It's the one thing his teachers are struggling to help with. This pen is easier for him to grip a hold of, the nib adjusts too, something that I was very pleased with. It writes smoothly and has improved my son's writing already. I'm hoping with more practice it will get better and better. My only concern is the price tag but as a one off payment and only having to buy ink cartridge refills thereafter, it would definitely be worth it.

      A puzzle

      I spent a while trying to figure out how to adjust the nib into the three customisable positions indicated on the cardboard packaging. The picture made it appear that the nib clicks into one of three positions, but I tried forcing it and it wasn't turning. Then I figured the red plastic tool that comes with the pen might be the solution, but it was only when I opened the pen and saw the red piece of plastic inside the pen that is revealed when you remove the empty ink cartridge from the pen that I twigged that this was somehow the adjustment method - in fact you unscrew the red attachment from inside the pen, this releases the nib attachment which reveals the three positions in which you can reinsert it, then you tighten the red threaded attachment to reassemble the pen, insert an ink cartridge and you're good to go. I imagine an intelligent child would probably have no difficulty figuring out this this brain teaser - so long as they're not colour blind, because Stabilo are assuming that you can use the difference in colour of the red pieces of plastic to help you solve their puzzle.So... I was able to figure out how to adjust the angle of the nib, but then I found I couldn't figure out which of the three settings are most suitable for me - I can write in all three settings.The pen is nice and weighty, is contoured with grippy blue rubber for you to hold the pen while writing. The lid is huge. The pen rests comfortably in your hand. It's a nice introduction to writing with a fountain pen.Aside from my minor reservation about the puzzling three position adjustment system, I have one other problem - the amount of waste plastic. The pen itself is plastic, and I'm OK with that. It has a red adjustment device which is going to be fairly redundant after you've decided how you want to set your nib angle. You have one plastic ink cartridge that contains blue ink, and one empty plastic cartridge that serves the almost useless purpose of demonstrating that you can insert a spare cartridge into the handle of the pen while you have a working ink cartridge plugged into the nib. And the cardboard packaging features a piece of moulded plastic that holds the pen, red attachment and full ink cartridge onto the board and is very hard to peel off the cardboard when you're trying to open it up and get at the pen - this piece of plastic goes straight in your recycling bin.If Stabilo produced this pen with less wasteful single-use plastic I would be more positive about it - but what sort of lesson is this wasteful plastic teaching children who are experiencing writing with a fountain pen for the first time?In its defence, the pen does write very smoothly, and it looks nice.

      Writes smoothly and works every time.

      I have been using fountain pens all my life and this is a great pen.
      The ink flow is smooth and seamless with no frills or any issues.
      The pen is comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.
      Quite ergonomic too with a great grip.
      The nib is medium and writes as soon as you put it on paper - no lag at all.
      writes very smoothly and reliable so would be happy to recommend.
      Honestly would recommend for being very reliable alone and that it's literally hassle free.

      Room for improvement: design in a way where lid can be attached so it's not lost whilst the pen is being used.

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