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3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen for Kids, Age 6 & Up-STEM Toy for Boys & Girls-Essentials Set with Free Refill Filaments + Activity Guide - Brand New


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The award-winning product allows kids to bring any, and all, ideas to life in 3d!this 3D printing pen and its creations are not hot to touch and use low-heat, BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, making it completely safe for kids to use. As tactile learning toy, The 3Doodler Start inspires creativity,... Read more

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The award-winning product allows kids to bring any, and all, ideas to life in 3d!this 3D printing pen and its creations are not hot to touch and use low-heat, BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, making it completely safe for kids to use. As tactile learning toy, The 3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding - Perfect for stem learning! 3Doodler Start is also the proud winner of toy of the Year 2017 (rookie category), and winner of Numerous Awards including good housekeeping?s 2016 Best toy Award, The Oppenheim toy portfolio Platinum Award, national parenting product Award, scholastic parent & Child gold Star toy Award, and toy insider stem 10 to name a few.3doodler Start pen, 2 packs of 3Doodler Start plastic, micro USB charging cable, and 3Doodler Start Activity guide (packed with over 12 step by step projects).Safety WarningCHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.Box Contains1x 3D printing pen, 1 x USB charging cable, 2 packs of Eco-Plastic, 1 x project book

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews


      3Doodler essentials start pack - great 3D pen.

      What's in the box:
      3D printer pen
      filaments of varying colours
      USB charger

      This is an ingenious device. It is essentially a pen that allows you to draw and construct three dimensional structures. I am blown away by it. The pen has a heating element through which a plastic filament is passed and melted. The softened plastic is applied to a surface and the result is a raised line of plastic. Repeated application allows a structure to be built up. The structures are surprisingly solid. I had no idea these devices existed, but now I have one I am using it for a whole variety of applications.

      These are probably aimed at the art market, I am not particularly artistic but do have a technical job where I quite often need to construct pieces of apparatus. This device has become an invaluable tool for me, allowing me to build some things as quickly and easily as I used to make a 2D drawing to take to the workshops for construction. Nothing huge, but just small stands and holders for devices. Usually I require quite complex shapes that were difficult to make out of sheet materials, now I just draw it and it's done. Perfect.

      This particular device is aimed at the younger market and has two benefits over the usual mains operated devices. Firstly, it is wireless. Try drawing with a pan attached by a wire at one end and you will soon understand why this is such a benefit. Secondly, the tip doesn't get as hot as mains operated ones, making it a bit safer for children. This lower temperature does not seem to impact on the usage of the pen, the strands still melt and the structures are just as strong. The recommended age is 8 plus.

      The pen is easy to set up and use, the included instructions are pretty good. It took a few goes to get used to it, and to the adjustment of the feed speed etc., but in an hour or so of playing around with it I was fairly competent. I should say that I am left handed, this presented no problems, the controls were easy enough to use left handed without having to turn it upside down or anything. This is a big big plus as far as I am concerned.

      All in all an invaluable tool for me now. 5 stars.

      waste of money

      What a waste of money, the warm plastic won't stay in place and allow for layering into a design...

      the unjammable keeps jamming

      This is the second time I've bought this item and both times it jammed. The item is great in theory but not much use when it breaks within 24 hours and there is no way in to the unit. With both purchases (only 1 from BargainFox) we tried clearing it as advised but still unable to fix it. I've had to return it and my daughter is disappointed again.

      This is so much fan and works as expected.

      This is very good package. Alongside the Pen, It comes with 2 packs of strands in 8 different colours and totalling 48. The more the colours, the more the fun. just use the included Start up guide. My 8 year-old son is able to create Sponge Bob, Butterflies and Dinosaurs.

      The 3D Doodler Start included has helpful tips like joining 2 separately made shapes on a flat surfe or using a table edge to create an something with sides that are at a 90 degress angle. It also has a lot of projects ranging from very simple, like cubes to complex ones like a Helicopter and the Eiffel Tower. These projects include estimated completion time as well as how many strands (and in what colours) are required and duration. I LOVE the templates on each project. The kid can draw on the templates (without causing damage to the book, melted strands peel off the paper easily) and then assemble the pieces. The templates indicate how many of component to make, and then a step by step on how to assemble the components to arrive at the finished drawing.

      This 3Doodler has challenged my son and has inspired him to be creative. He already loves art, so this helped him to up his game.

      Very easy to use. You turn the pen on (using the on/ off switch) and wait for the status light on the pen to turn a solid green. Press the start button once and the status light begins to flash green, this indicates the pen is active. Insert a strand through the back of the 3D pen and push it until it grips, and in a few seconds plastic will start coming out of the pen nozzle. Then the kid can draw stuff, re-shaping the plastic before it hardens. A second press stops the drawing. 2 quick presses reverses the strand, if you want to remove an unfinished strand like when you want to change colour. However, if the strand is almost finished, reversing it will not work, so it won't be removed. You will need to push it with another strand so it's used up.

      Highly Recommended.

      A glorious way to express your creativity!

      This is rechargeable tool into which you insert plastic rods and it melts them, spewing out the results. In essence this is the same technology as a glue gun, but it isn't using glue sticks. You can use this to 'draw' in 3D, freehand or you can use one of the many templates provided. The templates are clearly aimed at children but adults can have fun with them too. The whole product is clearly designed for children, you can perform relatively complex designs and still have the option to go to the internet for additional templates. Also, children who use it require a great deal of patience as creation takes a long time, and is tricky to master, but you can have a lot of fun in the process. The tool is easy to hold, and starting and stopping are both quick and easy. The colours provided with the pack are a good start, but you get through them fairly quickly. Transitioning from one colour to another at the right time is another skill to master. It is supplied with a USB cable for charging and you simply connect to a PC . The fact that there is no dangling mains lead tugging at you when you are 'creating' is a huge advantage. Charging isn't a long process and warming up the device from cold takes less than 2 minutes. Refills are widely available from different suppliers on BargainFox and with about 300 rods for less than £17 it is worth ordering a set at the some time as your 3Doodler.

      A very nice package

      This is a great device that offers huge amounts of fun. It takes an awful lot of practice though, and the cost of mistakes can be significant - it's only going to be appropriate for those with a considerable degree of patience, not only in terms of mastering the device but in terms of building even simple structures . The nature of the melting strands of plastic means that it can behave unpredictably when being applied, and the feasible limits of drawing that come with the strands can add a time pressure that works against the need for cool, calm precision. It's not for everyone.It's definitely for *most* people though - kids will love it, and adults will enjoy playing with it too. It's a generous pack for a reasonable price, coming with two packs of 'fuel' for the pen - the pen goes through them very quickly (basically what the pen does is melt the strands and make them malleable before they harden over time). You get a decent booklet full of possible designs, and while some of them require a certain degree of dedication and even assembly, none of them are particularly challenging or difficult in and of themselves. It's mostly a tracing activity, and due to the nature of the pen you can trace right onto the book itself. The book took contains useful tips to get the most of out of the pen, including ad hoc soldering and using edges of furniture for creating fixed angles.It's a very nice package, and worth the money.

      Plastic doesn't even melt as the heat is so low

      The heat is so low that the plastic doesn't even melt

      Drawing the line...

      The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set takes some of the ideas behind 3D printing and turns them into a handicraft, making you the 'printer' in control of a stream of molten plastic used to form objects. This is the kid's version so the heat needed to soften the plastic rods is minimal and the pen itself is shaped for smaller hands - younger kids will still need a bit of guidance but most of the risk is removed. In the box you get the rechargeable cordless pen, a short USB cable to charge it up and a couple of packs of multi-coloured eco-plastic rods to get you going. Once charged and switched on the pen only takes a few moments to heat up and then you're ready to push a plastic rod into the end until the pen grabs it and starts feeding it slowly through the heated nozzle. The controls are simple, just an on/off button which starts the pen heating up and a big stop/go button which starts and stops the flow of plastic from the nozzle. You don't have to keep this depressed to keep it flowing, one tap starts it and a second stops it again, but you have to think ahead and tap to stop the flow just before the end of your line because the plastic keeps flowing for a couple of seconds after being stopped. There's no speed control on the pen so the plastic always flows at the same uniform rate, some 3D pens let you vary the speed to cope with different types, or even colours, of rod because each can have different characteristics. 3Doodle seem to have standardised their rods and we weren't aware of any major differences between the different colours. The promotional photo's show the pen drawing shapes in mid-air, in reality you'll find this very tricky to achieve, although small leaps are possible. Most of the time you'll probably work on a flat surface making individual segments which you can then 'weld' together into your full model. There's an excellent illustrated workbook supplied which gives you plans and directions to make the models you see in the promo' pictures, including the Eiffel Tower. It's estimated that the full tower will require 12 of the 48 rods supplied with this pack, so you'd have plenty to practice with first. There's no plastic work-pad supplied with this pack (other starter packs have one) but a sheet of paper makes a perfectly good base to work on and you can sketch out your design first and draw straight onto it. You should be able to draw straight onto the pages of the workbook too, but we played safe and traced off the designs instead. Some of the 3Doodler documentation suggests that each plastic rod will produce a string of plastic about ten times longer than its original length - this is an exaggeration, but you do get a good working length from each. If the rod isn't completely used up it is possible to reverse the remaining section out of the pen, but it needs to be a certain length before this works - otherwise you push the remaining rod out when you feed the next one in. Although the 3Doodler doesn't quite live up to the 'draw in mid-air' promise of its publicity it is a lot of creative fun and gets quite addictive. Once you've made your first little model and experienced the technique then you soon start to get your own ideas of things to create. Be warned, you are going to need extra eco-plastic rods and they have to be the special low-heat versions made for this pen, so budget for those too!

      Great fun, versatile and good quality. Just watch the price of the consumables.

      The 3D printing revolution is upon us. But 3D printers are still fairly expensive. So, when I was offered this 3Doodler pen through the Vine programme for review, I was keen to see whether it could sort of give me a taste of what's possible, as well as letting my 10 year old daughter have a play around with it.

      The packaging is pretty cool, and inside, you find the pen, a charger, an instruction manual and a book of ideas for projects. As well as 48 strands of plastic (6 of each of 8 colours - 4 sort of pastel and 4 bolder colours).

      The pen is nicely designed, feels quality, and is easy to hold for grownups and children alike (although because the plastic is pretty hot when it comes out of the nozzle, it's recommended for 8 years+).

      It's pretty simple - charge up the pen, switch it on, wait til it's hot enough (just about 15 seconds I think), drop a plastic rod into the hole and the top, wait til it sucks it in and warms it up. When you're ready to start 'drawing', just press the button and the plastic is fed out in a semi-molten flexible strand about 1.5mm thick. We've done it on a wooden table, on a plastic lid, and on paper, and once the plastic cools, it's only ever a slight pull to get it to come off its backing. Simple so far.

      So what can you do with it? Well, yes, as the picture shows, it's easy to see that, with a bit of patience and a little bit of skill, an Eiffel Tower is certainly possible, and would look pretty cool. But it would also cost a few quid in plastic strands. We've made a little 'scooter' (like a kids one) about 2 inches long and the same height, and it looks pretty cool. My daughter loves to make dreamcatchers and flowers when she's playing with it too. The basic technique is that if you want to make something fairly substantial and 3D, you need to fabricate it in flat sections, drawn out on a flat surface, left to cool, then attached to the next bit with a bit more molten plastic. It takes maybe 10 seconds to cool until it's fairly hard, which also gives you the opportunity to curve things as they're cooling, after which they'll pretty much set the way you left them (again, there's a bit of a knack here - you need to slightly overflex because it will unflex itself a tiny bit, but you get the hang of it quickly.

      If you go at the pen's natural speed, it's easy to do curves, but if you go too fast (or indeed, want to make a slightly thinner strand by stretching it as you draw), you can't easily make a curve, and have to resort to a sort of 'drag-blob-drag-blob' technique in straight lines, dabbing the pen on the surface to make a 'corner' before doing the next section.

      Drawbacks? Well, the plastic rods ain't cheap to replace, at around £15 for another 48 rods, or £20 for 96, at the moment. Those 48 rods are certainly enough for smallish projects, but you would get through quite a few in a larger project. It's difficult to estimate exactly how much, because it depends how much 'fill in' to make a solid surface, whether you stretch it as you go, etc. but they say in other packs that you get about 10 times the length of a strand in 'printed' length, so about 5 ft of printing for a 6 inch strand.

      The only other slightly irritating thing is that you can't change rods halfway through, so you have to snip them with pliers or snips, estimating how much you'll need, otherwise you waste quite a lot. I'm not sure if cutting a really short piece would cause any problems, but I've safely negotiated 2 inch pieces without problems.

      All in all, it's pretty good fun, and a good introduction to 3D doodling. As the product, and the market, matures, the price of plastic will likely come down, but do be careful that if you try to buy other strands from different makers, you make sure they're the right diameter and compatible, because I've seen similar stuff on lightning deals that is not compatible with this model.

      Decent value, though, and as a slightly extravagant toy, or with some justification if you're using it for projects, it's definitely worth buying.

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