The remarkable energy of the Bargain Fox brand can be traced back to the early days when Jack, a cyclist and member of the Pembrokeshire Velo team embarked on a sales venture to bring professional grade cycling skin suits to cycling enthusiasts worldwide at a bargain price. Jack knew then, that good quality didn’t have to mean expensive prices and from there on he worked on 3 principles.

Good quality
Good prices and
Good adventures!

Soon after this, Jack 26, astute, sharp minded and with a passion for overcoming challenges, launched Bargain Fox as an online shopping platform to make bargains available to the masses.

Bargain Fox continues to grow as it learns about it’s habitat, the nature of shopping and the excitement of bringing you a bargain. Jack has managed to somehow lure out the Fox within us, showing us how to hunt out that bargain!

Listen to the radio 4 podcast to find out more: 

 The Untold on Radio 4



Here in the Fox's Burrow (our HQ), we are all fans of savvy savings and scouting the best bargains to be had. Our sharp-minded team are the best in the business for this, as well as keeping you (our most valued customers) happy from the beginning of your purchase to the end! 

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