Terms of service

1.    General

a.    In order for us to proceed with any order you must read, agree and accept the following Terms and Conditions of sale during your order.

b.    We reserve the right to change the T & Cs at any time. It is the responsibility of the customer to read the terms and conditions each time you use this website and this shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.

c.    We recommend that you always read the full product listings, and manifest on each occasion; this may contain additional information as to the type and condition of the product. Also to read the disclaimer below each listing-  Please note that inventory may vary by +/- 5%. Totals shown on these listings are a guide only. Any discrepancies in listings and actual products will not be rectified.

d.    Delivery can only be made to the card holder's registered address.

e.    We have the right to refuse any order at any time. If we refuse an order we will issue a refund within 48hours


2.    JOBALOTS Products

a.    Clearance Stock. This is surplus end of range stock, which is believed to be in mostly brand new condition.          

b.    Customer Returns Stock. This comprises of merchandise returned to the major retailer*. Reasons for returns could include missing parts, faulty, defected or changed mind. Also merchandise which has suffered from accidental warehouse damage within the major retailer’s sorting and distribution areas. Therefore items may be in a variety of conditions.

c.    Each category may include damaged to new stock. No pallet is the same, therefore the breakdown of damaged to brand new stock is completely unique for each sold pallet.

d.    JOBALOTS provides no guarantee/warranty for any individual items within or whole pallets of any kind.

e.    Raw customer returned stock includes categorised products that have been returned for a number of reasons.


     Missing parts

     Wrong item received

     Still under warranty


3.    Resale Of products/Intellectual Property

a.    The name of any major retailer* or of any associated firm or company will not be used in connection with the resale of merchandise.

b.    You are not permitted to use any of JOBALOTS or the major retailer’s pictures, images, logos or packaging.

c.    You further acknowledge that any other use of the material and content of this website is strictly prohibited and you agree not to or to assist a third party to copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute or commercially exploit or create derivative work or such material and content.

d.    You must remove the name of any major retailer, company or any trader mark from the merchandise prior to resale. Any item carrying the major retailer’s  name or markings must be removed prior to resale.

e.    All pallets are sold without guarantee. Responsibility is with the customer to make sure all items are repaired to relevant safety standards before resale.

f.     The customer will compensate JOBALOTS against any claims whatsoever resulting directly/indirectly from the resale of the merchandise by the customer.

g.    Any customer that tries to return goods to the major retailer in order to obtain a full refund will be liable for criminal prosecution by the Source Company.

h.    Toys must be accompanied by a CE mark and the name and address of the European company responsible for the mark. Toys containing small parts as defined in BS 5665 must carry the statutory warning 'Not suitable for children under 3 years. Plastic bags containing toys must be over 38 microns thick and should carry a child-warning label. Toys should not be sold until the following checks have been carried out:

     Completeness of toy to enable safe assembly including instructions if necessary

     Ensure that there are no sharp points or edges and that internal components are not exposed other than functional parts.

     It is fundamental to the conditions of sale that checks are carried out and that they are satisfactory prior to resale.

i.      Home Audio, Technology and Appliances. Merchandise is sold on the basis that it is repaired or reconditioned as necessary prior to resale. Safety tests complying with BS415 must be carried out on merchandise and any remedial work completed before it is offered for resale.

j.      Prams, Pushchair's and Nursery Goods. All new and second hand prams / pushchair's and nursery goods must meet BS 7409:1996. Older prams and pushchairs may be marked BS4139 or BS4792. However, even if a pram or pushchair is marked BS7409:1996, it does not mean that it is safe. You should check any prams and pushchairs carefully. There are many reasons that may have caused them to become unsafe. The main areas to check are:

     Sharp edges or points

     No finger traps (check folding mechanism on handles)

     Two separate locking mechanisms to release the chassis will fold

     A 5-point harness which is secure and intact (Some older models have a 3 point Harness)

     An effective brake

     Wheels must be firmly attached and running smoothly

     No small parts or loose fabric that can be detached easily by a child

     Must only be sold if it has proper instructions and warnings



k.    Children's Car Seats. Should a car seat look second hand or faulty in any way it should be scrapped and NOT sold, you cannot be sure that a second hand car seat has been involved in an accident and been damaged. The seat itself may look perfect but it could fail to protect a second time. The current European standard for car seats is ECE R44.03. No car seat should be sold without the proper fitting instructions.

l.      Items or goods are not legally transferred until complete payment has been made to JOBALOTS. Payment in full is required before any pallets are sent out to the customer.

m.  All responsibilities and liabilities lie with the customer to make sure that the electrical items are repaired to current safety standards. The customer must have done the relevant tests; functionality test, PAT test and any other testing recommended by the Environment agency authority.

n.    JOBALOTS will send the return stock via a reputable logistics company, with reference to make sure the VAT exemption can apply.

o.    JOBALOTS is not responsible or liable for any export of items worldwide, as JOBALOTS is not an exporter it is a UK wholesaler selling a variety of stock (not just electrical stock) who is serving the UK retailers.

p.    In any event, if the above terms and conditions are not complied by or met, JOBALOTS have the right to take the customer (the buyer) who has not carried out the terms and conditions to court to be prosecuted and all JOBALOT’s legal costs will be paid for by the customer.



a.    We offer a 30-day return window for items purchased on JOBALOTS.COM, which starts from the delivery date. Items must be returned in the same condition as it was sent to you.

b.    Original shipping costs will not be refunded unless the goods received were not as described.

c.    To return a pallet, you must contact us first at support@jobalots.com. The customer is responsible for arranging and paying for the return carriage.

d.    This does not affect any statutory rights that you may have to the extent that such rights are not excluded or limited under these terms and conditions.

e.    Any goods bought from JOBALOTS.COM are sold as ‘Trade’. As such, you are not covered by legislation that protects non trade consumers when purchasing any products from JOBALOTS. All products sold on this site are sold without warranty or guarantee in any form. This should be considered before purchasing any goods.

f.     If goods have not been collected within seven days of purchase from the date of invoice, JOBALOTS have the right to dispose of the goods.

g.    Under no circumstances should any product purchased though JOBALOTS be returned to a major retailer of the product for a refund or exchange. This will be treated as fraud or attempted fraud and the major retailer can and will pursue legal action permitted by the law in these circumstances.

h.    We will not refund your shipping charges for pallets being sent out or for pallets being returned back to us.

i.      If you are not at the delivery address when the pallet is delivered you will incur additional charges, to cover the cost of redelivery.


*Major retailer: A major retailer is designated as the company originally retailing stock to the general public.


Please be aware: Any trader who is found to not comply with these terms and conditions may face legal action and will not be supplied with any stock.