Our 7 Top Tips for Getting your Last-Minute Holiday Essentials.

Our 7 Top Tips for Getting your Last-Minute Holiday Essentials.

We’ve all been there. That holiday that you’ve been looking forward to for soo long and never thought it would come has FINALLY arrived and even though you’ve had months to prepare… you have NOTHING ready.

You know you’ll be up till 5am packing, that’s guaranteed… but do NOT worry. I repeat; do not worry. We’ve got you.

If you cover the 7 points that will follow, I guarantee, no… I promise you will be fine.

And with our FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY (!!) you won’t be short on time to get the essentials in.



1. Make a list before you pack anything

I don’t care how rushed for time you are; take a moment to sit down and draw up a quick packing list. Spending even just one minute outlining what you need to bring, might save you time and stress later on when you arrive at your destination only to realise you have ten pairs of shoes and no knickers.

This list can then double up as a checklist for when you leave, to make sure you don’t leave anything behind… and yes, that tip is from experience.


  1. Luggage

Given the craziness and cancellations of last year’s holidays, I bet none of you have taken the time to check your luggage is in good nick, or that you have any suitable luggage at all! Well, this is a sign to check your situation ASAP. The last thing you or anyone wants is 3 bin bags full in the boot of your car filled with all your holiday bits and bobs.

We have a huge range of luggage items, from smaller items to bigger ones for longer getaways. You can check them out here.

 RucksackRucksack Luggage

  1. Hydration is KEY

 Whether it’s the actual journey itself, or when you arrive at your destination and take a hike or trip to the beach, I can guarantee that you’ll need to stay hydrated: fact. Luckily for you, we have a huge range of water bottles to choose from, so when everyone is panting, you can be that smug person with your loaded bottles of H2O ready to save the day.

Water Bottles

  1. Sat Nav  

The likelihood of you going somewhere ‘off the beaten track’ on your summer hol is very high, as is the likelihood of you getting completely and utterly lost. Whether you are planning a staycation, or venturing abroad, a Sat-Nav is a MUST for me. This will ensure that you will end up at your hotel rather than floating out in the middle of the lake… That’s not a memory anyone wants to make. 

But do not fear, is here to provide you with all the mapping goodies you need to ensure you find your way around the area you’re exploring, like a true voyager.


  1. Pet stuff

 I know many of you will be staycation-ing, which means you may be taking your family pet! You’ll be able to chill with your best mate, and they won’t miss out on the family fun. BUT make sure that you are prepared for this and have all your pet’s favourite and essential goody’s to keep them entertained and happy for your trip. Because they can be just as hard an audience to impress as your friends or family!

 PetPet Carrier

  1. Travel Pillow 

We’ve all been there. Your partner has decided they’re too ‘Christopher Columbus’ for Sat Nav, you’re lost, you’re tired and your neck is in AGONY. We all know someone this has happened to, if not, it’s been you. Let’s make at least one thing better in this situation, save yourself the discomfort and bring a bleeding travel pillow. It will Change. Your. Life.

I did it once, and I’ve never not done it since. There is a reason they are sold for an extortionate amount at service stations and airports, it’s because they KNOW that people will be in desperate need for them. Don’t be a sucker like me paying through the roof for one when you need it most. Save your neck and pocket the pain and get one off – it couldn’t be easier with our massive choice!


  1. Sun cream 

If you try and tell me that sun cream isn’t essential for your summer holiday, you’ll be arguing with the wrong person. I don’t care if you’re going to the Outer Hebrides, or deep in the caves of wet Wales… it is summer and for us Brits that means one thing: CRISPY RED SKIN (if we aren’t careful). So, save the aloe vera baths, and pack some sun cream. We’ve got a shed load waiting for you to snap up, so quit arguing and get to it!


 suncreamsuncream suncream


And that’s it. Honestly I could probably give you some more pearls of wisdom, but I don’t want to overwhelm you and want to make sure you have enough time to actually pack! So get that list out and start prepping! We’ve made it too easy for you with the list above.

And if that's not enough and you want some more recommendations, we've curated a 'Holiday Essentials' list just for you!! Oh how we spoil you. Check that out here.

And most importantly... Happy (stress-free) Holidays!!! I’ll be waiting for the postcard. ✉️

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