Friday Night socials at are not your typical corporate events and there is a reason for this. 

We offer a unique company culture that can be attributed to our growing success and customer satisfaction. For us, Friday night social events have become somewhat of a rite of passage for employees as we come together to reflect on the working week and take a step back to just enjoy each other's company while simultaneously demonstrating that you care about their health and wellbeing. We have seen a growth in employee morale as a result of these events which solidifies their importance in our internal communication plan. Our employees have become happier, more engaged, and willing to try their best to help achieve a shared common goal to provide a 5* quality service to our global customers. 

We prioritise wellness while balancing professionally and employee wellbeing which enhances our team cohesion. Continuously aiming to nurture human connection through team building activities, for example, our basketball games provide a space for competitive team interaction which improves overall interpersonal dynamics, crucial to our success and maintaining employee productivity. We have plans to implement Yoga sessions for staff members to work on their wellbeing and cultivate individuality and make use of our scenic surroundings through kayaking experiences. Not only do these activities stimulate social interaction between team members but they also promote a healthy, active lifestyle which will indirectly strengthen creativity and in the long run, increase productivity. 

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