Cheap Student Necessities you NEED

Cheap Student Necessities you NEED


'Phheewwwwwww' 😬😅 - That was just me exhaling in relief now that results day has been. 

Now for the next issue. Whether this will be your first year or you are a weathered student ready for your return, it's around now that you're beginning to make lists and lists of things that you need to buy for your arrival. It's tedious; we know! 

So we thought we'd give you a head start and a helping hand with the following suggestions, which are not only ESSENTIAL, but a real bargain: which is perfect for the mentality you will need to adopt as a student 😉 

We've made a whole collection of Student Essentials for you here if you want to check it out. 

 Let's start at the beginning and plan what you'll need to be lugging with you. There are a few key categories of items we should cover:

 I've also added a GoogleDoc checklist at the end of this article that you can download & edit, and if you're really keen... print off! 


Some of the below may be pretty obvious, but they've made this list for a reason. I remember having a mad panic realising that I did need to use a printer, and sometimes a sweaty sprint up to campus to use the library printer just isn't as appealing as doing it in the comfort of your own room.

Not essential, but if you have a games console, bring it with you! It can make for a great bonding opportunity with your weary new housemates.


 If you're off to Uni for the first year, you may find that all of your flatmates have also brought these with them, but beyond your first year it's really handy having your own as you move on to your house later on.

I recommend checking out our Kitchen section, there are some gems in there! 


Make the empty shell of your student bedroom your own with the following: 



I know it's the same every year, you buy your full sets of stationery at the beginning of the year, and by the end you're left with one barely functioning Biro. However, I think it's good to set the right intentions, which means a comprehensive set of stationery.. think of all the mind-mapping you'll be doing! 

 You can find all of the above in our Office Section!



These are some of the other bits that I found especially handy to have and 100% recommend you try to get them before going! 

  • Rucksack
  • Weekend Bag
  • Umbrella
  • Padlock
  • Drinking Water Bottle 
  • Flast/ thermal cup
  • Lighter (good for setting nice vibes in your room with candles).
  • Hot water bottle
  • Iron & Ironing Board (It's nice to not always look like a wrinkled raisin when going out for a party). 
  • Tea, Coffee & Biscuits - I know you are not a Sunday School, but you may have just done a super long drive to get to your destination, in which case you'll be gagging for a brew. Even if you're only going round the corner, you'd still never turn down a cuppa right!? And biccies can be the perfect peace offering to your new housemates. 


I've put this all into a Google Doc checklist containing all the items on this page and more. Feel free to download, print or edit the list whilst you're packing your stuff up for uni! 

Find the Doc here.

You may be thinking that this is a looong old list of essentials and worrying about the expense. But that's where we come in to help & ease your mind. If you check out our Student Saver Deals, you can save BIG money, trust! 



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