Given it is Spring and all that, the sun is coming out and days getting need to forget the beach, forget the parks... what better way to use this time to your advantage than brushing up on your laundry skills?! Bear with me...

I know some may get a sense of pleasure and accomplishment out of doing the laundry, but if you're anything like me, it's simply a massive faff. So when I do get on with the washing, I want it to be over as quickly as possible, so that you have more time for YOU...(and the beaches and the parks).

Disclaimer: I am NO expert on the matter, but there's always room for improvement. Having said that, I've analysed my somewhat questionable laundry history and whittled it all down to my 5 top tips!! 

So have your pen and paper at the ready, this is some high-octane stuff! 

So without further ado, and in no particular order... here they are!!

1. Ready Clothes for the Washer

BEFORE you toss your bits and bobs into the washing machine, I would recommend closing up any hooks, buttons, emptying pockets and securing any velcro to prevent any snags and abrasions. Tie any sashes and strings to prevent tangling (you'll know why this is important if you've ever had to spend what feels like HOURS sorting this out after a wash). 

I would also put more delicate and smaller items together in a washproof mesh bag so they don't get lost and muddled up with and within your larger items! If you don't have a mesh bag, you can also use a pillowcase!

2. Shorter Washes

As long as your items aren't heavily stained with food or mud from playing the day before, you can get away with a shorter cycle! As long as you use a good dose of washing detergent and fabric conditioner, your clothes will still come out sparkly clean and smell fresh as daisies. This not only makes the process faster, but is also better for the environment!! So everyone's a winner. Bonus points for putting it on a cooler setting too!

Note: Most washing machines will have a pre-set short cycle option. 


3. Big and Heavy Items First

As mentioned, with longer and warmer days increasing as we move through Spring into Summer, means more time for drying outdoors! If you've been putting it off and have a big old load to get through, get your bigger items - like towels, bed sheets, sweaters and jeans in the washing machine first. These will take longer than all your t's and lighter items to dry, so it only makes sense to maximise what little sun us Brits get and get them on the line ASAP! 

This way, you'll save time, money and energy by  not using a tumble dryer... just make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast!!

If you need a nudge in this direction, we've got some great outdoor laundry equipemnt to get you started here and in our clearning and household category!

4. Clean your machine

I 100% advise that you clean your washing machine on the regular. Every couple of months or so, use some washing machine cleaner on a short hot cycle. I used the the Dettol washing machine cleaner on my old gal and it worked a treat! Drain and rinse it a few times with plain water cycle. You can also grab an old toothbrush and scrub away any of the remaining dirt on the lid! 

Doing this will avoid you having to fork out a load of money and your own time further down the line to get your machine serviced! 

5. Take Stock!

If you're really serious about getting this whole process over done with as fast as poss, you're going to need to make sure you always have a plentiful stock of washing detergent and conditioner. Believe me, I am telling you this from experience... there is nothing worse that being short on time and you going to do laundry to find... THERE'S NONE THERE!! You can tell that the horror has stayed with me right? Let me be a tale of caution and learn from my mistakes my friends. 

And that's it... my 5 super simple top tips for a quick and efficient laundry session! You can thank me later.



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