5 Summer Beauty Essentials you need NOW!

5 Summer Beauty Essentials you need NOW!

Have no fear, summer is here... kinda. 

Now I know I know, we've had some bad weather recently, but I heard it on the grapevine that August is bringing a cheeky little heatwave. So in preparation for this short summer that is coming our way, I've rounded up some of our feel-good favourites for Summer Beauty. 

Don't fret, you don't need to be an expert of ANY proportions to stock up on the items listed, (I'm certainly not anyway). These are suggestions for you to bag yourself the minimum must-haves before that heatwave approaches.

But yes, enough small talk... I'll dive right in. 

P.s Everything that follows can be found in our Health & Beauty section. Click here to browse for yourself. 

1. Suncream

I've said it once, I'll say it again. EVERYONE needs to use suncream. I know what you're thinking.. 'But suncream isn't beauty', you are wrong my friends. If you care about keeping your skin happy, healthy and most importantly un-burnt, I recommend putting on at least an SPF 30 everyday, especially on your face. In fact, this isn't just for summer I'd recommend doing this all year round. You know what they say (or what I say at least), 'suncream is the best anti-aging product out there'. And being reasonably cheap, there is no reason not to invest. Lucky for you, we have moisturisers with SPF and just general all-round superb sun creams waiting for you to snap up. 

 sun cream  sun cream

2. Fresh Scents 

Now I know we all get a bit hot, bothered & extremely sweaty from time to time during summer (even a British summer), but now and then you just don't want to be the smelly elephant in the room. Which is why I recommend getting a nice fresh scent you can apply throughout summer. This is something I can't live without, and recently bought my favourite Chloe perfume from Take a look through some of our yummy perfumes here

If perfume/cologne isn't your thing, that doesn't excuse you from being a stinky Pete. You can also get in on some yummy shower gel, bubble baths or deodorant that will work just as well.

 perfume  cologne

3. Hair Removal Gadgets

Hair removal on every level is a very personal thing. There's no right or wrong when it comes to it, just personal preference. However, some of you guys out there must be lying when you say your Santa beard doesn't get at all bothersome on a sweaty summers day? As a lady I can't say I've ever been able to grow one but I can only imagine the amount of lockdown beards that have been cultivated in the last year or so. With the sticky weather coming up, why not give yourself some relief and give it a good old shave, or trim in time for summer! What's more we have looads of superb trimming tools to give you either a clean shave or just a well maintained beard. There's no harm in having a browse.. right? 


Now ladies, I've done it all before. I've grown leg hair out, I've waxed it, I've lasered it, hair removal cream, epilator... you name it, I've done it. My feelings towards my leg hair changes constantly and I know sometimes you wanna let it grow au natural, but sometimes, and call me old fashioned, you just feel great giving your pins a clean shave and popping your favourite dress on. Whether this is something you enjoy from time to time or all the time, has got you covered with our plethora of hair removal tools to keep your experimenting (like mine) going. Check them out here

 shaving epilator

4. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves have to be one of the staples of the Summer season. From Festivals to Fuerteventura, nothing says 'I'm ready for some fun in the sun' like bouncy beachy waves. 

If you already have a natural wave or curl to your hair, diffusers are a great way to get the best wave out of it. If you use it on a cool setting too, it means you're not putting any heat on! You'll be effortlessly chic in a matter of minutes. 

If your hair is straight and there's no hope of getting a wave out of it, that's no problem. All you need to do is invest in some straightners (which you would turn back and forth), or a pair of curling irons, and you can have beachy waves as easy as that too! Make sure to put in hairspray after to ensure the wonderful waves don't fall out. 

 beachy waves  Diffuser

5. Hair Care

Hair is probably one of the most common things that goes neglected in the Summer season. This goes for everybody. You're in and out of the sun & the sea, and without realising this can actually do a great deal of damage to your luscious locks. You put sunscreen on your skin, so why wouldn't you give the same attention to your hair?! Well, if like me you've only recently cottoned onto this, don't worry. A good hair mask 1-2 times a week, left on for about 5-10 minutes will sort you out a treat. I promise you'll notice the difference! We have some great hair masks and conditioners in stock, that'll keep your hair looking happy and healthy. Browse our hair masks here

 hair mask conditioner

There we have it, my 5 Summer Beauty Essentials! These are 5 things I've found over time that help me feel good over the summer months. But I'd love to know what you think of as your summer essentials? Get in touch if you have any suggestions - I'm always eager to hear what you like or tips regarding the things I've listed above! 

You can find all the items that I've talked about in the Health & Beauty section... enjoy! 

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