7 Reasons Why Spring is The Best Season

7 Reasons Why Spring is The Best Season

It's that time of the year again where the lambs be lambing, the birds be chirping and the sun be shining for what feels like the first time in eternity... A.K.A It's Springtime! Now don't get me wrong, I'm the first to jump in and say I love a cozy cuddly winter, but honestly by the end of Feb/ beginning of March aren't we all just a bit... over it?

So you can understand my excitement when the nights start to get longer and days more fresh. And for all the naysayers who exlaim their disinterest in the outdoors... it's arguably a great time for you too to get on with a Spring Clean, re-decoration, or DIY project you've been thinking of starting. Spring is tied up with the meaning of New Beginnings after all... 

If you are still yet to be persuaded, then the challenge is accepted. I am determined to convice you that Spring is the best season of the year! So let's get stuck into all the things you can do this spring, and all the reasons it's something worth look forward to. 


 1. Getting back into Gardening

gardening for spring

Whether it's a balcony, acres of land or small plot, Spring presents the perfect time to get back into your garden to prepare for the upcoming months. See it as your opportunity to plan what you want to blossom in your outdoor oasis this year and how you want it to look. This could mean changing up your plant pots, giving your fence a lick of paint, cleaning up the mess winter has left behind or even planting things ready to bloom for spring! Whatever the vision is for your garden this year, now is the perfect time to start planning and prepping so you're not kicking yourself before it's too late! 

 Don't know how to get started? See some of our best garden go-to's here.

2. No More Eating Dinner In the Dark!

outdoor dinner party

The clocks will be springing forward an hour, which means we get that extra bit of sunlight! I know it's not hot summer temps yet but you can make the most of this extra daylight by grabbing your firepit and laying a nice outdoor dinner spread! You can even invite your friends over and make it the first out-door dinner party of the year. If you're determined enough, you could even wipe the cobwebs off your BBQ. You can find some cooking essentials here. 

3. Transform Your Living Space With a Spring Clean 

spring cleaning

Get your Marie Kondo on and get Spring Cleaning! The rules for Spring Cleaning are that there are no rules. You can go as hard as you want, whether it's a light dusting or a hardcore de-cluttering, any form of cleaning is great for a fresh start. And who knows... depending how rutheless you are, you might be able to make some extra cash by selling things you no longer have use for! 

Shop here for some cleaning essentials.

4. Exercise outside is possible and bearable again!

jogging outdoors

Unless you're someone that get's a buzz off almost slipping on ice every other step (a.k.a; a maniac), then you'll appreciate that exercising outdoors has been hard in recent months. Especially when you factor sunlight and working hours into the equation, jogging outside at the crack of dawn or late at night over winter is not for the faint hearted. But the arrival of Spring means warmer and longer days; arguably better conditions for outdoor exercise than summer! So get your gym gear back on and update your activity trackers, and get back outside! I promise you'll be able to see where you're going this time round. 

Plus you can breathe in that fresh spring air and check out all the new flowers blooming! Win win.

5. Your Mood Improves

mood booster

You can put down that bottle of Vitamin D tablets because we are actually getting sunlight! You can shake out of your Vampire ways and start to enjoy the benefits of having longer days. Sunlight = seretonin, so lucky for you people's moods should also start improving now too! Bonus points: increased sunlight + increased seretonin = better sleep... woohoo!

6. Spring Holidays


Another reason you've got to love Spring is for the Holidays that come with it. Think Passover, Easter and the fun activities that surround these holidays. Chocolate incoming... you can buy easter eggs galore around this time or test out some fun new desserts for the whole family... how about trying this Easter Cheesecake recipe we posted last year? 

It's also an excuse to do some fun activities with the family. Why not make an Easter Egg Hunt for everyone to enjoy? We have plenty of decorations here to make your holiday party's more enjoyable!

7. Delicious And Juicy Fruits Are In Season!

strawberry picking

Put down that bag of Haribo and head to your local market becuase some iconic British sweet and juicy fruits are back in season! Many of your favourites will be in stock so you can make youre fave sweet desserts, or be like me and just serve them as they are with a whole can of whipped cream. Alternatively you can plant your own or come a month or two get out and go berry picking!


And I think that round-up gives you PLENTY of reasons to smile and get excited for Spring. Leave a comment below letting us know why you love Spring or let us in on your favourite activities to do at this time of year!

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