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Razer Viper - Lightweight Esports Gaming Mouse with only 69g, Razer Opto-Mechanical Mouse Switches, Optimized Ergonomics & RGB Chroma - Brand New


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Razer Viper - Lightweight Esports Gaming Mouse with only 69g, Razer Opto-Mechanical Mouse Switches, Optimized Ergonomics & RGB Chroma

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Razer Viper - Lightweight Esports Gaming Mouse with only 69g, Razer Opto-Mechanical Mouse Switches, Optimized Ergonomics & RGB Chroma

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Poor quality, Razer cheapened out

      This mouse has a plastic edge around the sensor which is about the same height as the mouse feet as you can see in the picture I've attached to this review. It touches the mouse pad adding extra resistance here and there! It's not a cheap crappy mouse pad either, it's a Cooler Master MP510 and my surfaces are smooth and even. Didn't have a problem with my Model O or with a Zowie FK2... But this one does. Very poor design.The full-sized versions of this mouse (The Viper and Viper Ultimate) have a teflon mouse foot around the sensor instead of a plastic edge, apparently Razer EXPECTED that it might touch the mouse pad! They KNOW this is a problem if they have a teflon mouse foot on the full sized version, but they cheapened out here. It's a disgrace.

      Fairly neat.

      This mouse is pretty good and the software that I had been using (Razer Synapse) recognized it quickly.
      Customizeable DPI settings (5 different settings by default, can be reduced/increased(?) as needed -
      DPI itself can be raised by increments of 100) and separate profiles. In other words, it works as advertised.

      As for the lower ergonomics score, I wasn't expecting it to be as small as it is. Alas, it's a little smaller than anticipated, thus it isn't too comfortable to use. But seeing as it isn't something tailor-made, it is more than acceptable and in terms of function it does quite well so far. For sake of comparison, the Steelseries Rival 300 I had bought is just a little too big for my hand - while Viper Mini is a touch too small. It may be better suited for
      either travel or younger players out there.

      The plastic does feel a little cheap, no grips on sides. This isn't something I am deeply concerned, however -
      seeing as the mouse is rather lightweight - which too is likely its selling point. The scrollwheel isn't loose/overly
      smooth, but it works well and doesn't skip back and forth - at least not yet.

      I may update this review in time, but thus far I am happy with the mouse.

      Two week review

      This is just an initial review of the mouse since I received it about an hour ago. I will update more later when I have used it more, including any faults which tend to show up with razer products.

      I bought this mouse for league of legends primarily and prior to buying this mouse, I haven't had anything come close to Fnatic's Clutch 2 in terms of overall quality, responsiveness and feel in the hand. Right now, I feel this mouse is the first possible contender fnatic has had in over 30 different mice.

      The mouse is incredibly light. Honestly I didn't know if I would like that but it surprised me how decent it feels to use.

      Setting up was easy. Razer synapse auto installed as soon as I connected the charger hub for the mouse, with options for all the chroma syncing stuff etc (which I honestly unticked, very little people need all that junk). From there I just changed lighting options and DPI then went to play a game of league.

      The downsides however that I have noticed already came whilst playing my first game. First of all, the plastic does feel really cheap. It isn't going to glow with hand sweat like some do but the top is a kind of matt plastic with little ridges in for grip. The sides have rubberised grips and two plastic side buttons on each side, since this mouse is ambidextrous.

      The second problem I found is the side buttons themselves. I use these as shortcuts to item slots in game and they are a lot more recessed than normal mice, meaning hitting the right button takes some getting used to. There's not much of a feel to get the right one either. I haven't actually misclicked yet but I can tell already I will.

      In game, I haven't had any issues at all yet aside from the issue with the side buttons I mentioned. The issues people have mentioned with poor mouse clicking due to optical sensors haven't occurred to me as of yet fortunately and it feels fine to me.

      It arrived with 50% battery, I played an hour with 100% brightness option with static lighting and it dropped to 48%. Since it's a wireless mouse I'm going to turn off lighting effects anyway but I wanted to see how the battery drain is out of the box. I can't comment on charging time yet since its still charging for the first time but its been yellow on the indicator for the last 20 minutes, which according to razer indicates a mid level charge.

      I will update this again in a week, then around a month with further information on performance and issues.

      Update: After a week, the only new things I have to add are that the ambidextrous buttons are a bit of a pain. I frequently end up accidently pressing the opposite side during use.

      The battery drain is 4-5% per hour on full brightness for me. I dropped the brightness to 20% though and now I can play all day and still be left on 85% battery. I've only had it go to 30% at the lowest so far but I left it a couple of hours on charge and it was full again.

      Overall, still happy with it aside from the side buttons.

      Two weeks update: Razer Synapse started really messing with the mouse out of the blue. No updates to the program or anything but I changed my RGB to light blue to match my other stuff and Synapse really didn't like it.

      It started defaulting to green until I manually opened the program, then a day later it wouldn't even change that way. Now I'm permanently stuck in green, regardless of changing it or reinstalling. DPI setting is the only thing that saves to the mouse, button combination and colour is controlled by synapse which quietly frankly is awful.

      Aside from this, getting the mouse to sit on the charging dock just right is a pain and the ambidextrous buttons are getting in the way a fair bit. For these reasons, I am returning the mouse today after around two weeks because overall the wired fnatic mouse is much better for me and doesn't have these issues.

      End game wireless mouse for now.

      This is an amazing mouse for gaming and casual browsing.
      There is a very nice tactile feeling on the left and right mouse buttons for precise & super fast clicks. Rubber on the left and right side make for great gripping. It is ambidextrous and the buttons are low profile but easy to click without miss clicks. Scroll wheel is nice and subtle. Charging dock is a very nice charging alternative. Razer software works surprisingly well with the mouse with a lot of customisability. The gliders on the bottom make it a lot smoother to use than mice from competitors.

      It is quite a low design, so if you have larger hands it may be difficult to use for long periods without cramping up, if this is you the g pro wireless is a great alternative with a higher hump. Battery life is good, but could be better. Charging dock can become inconsistent so you will need to regularly clean the contact points and it just doesn’t charge the mouse fast enough, you can leave it on charge if you are afk for a while but the wire charges it a lot more faster.

      All in all the mouse is amazing, it feels fast and smooth, never had any issues with the mouse and I have been using it for a few months now. If you want a wireless mouse for gaming this is it chief.
      Also don’t think that because it’s wireless you’ll get connectivity issues, sometimes I feel like it’s faster than my previous wired mouse ;)

      Quality problem - the mouse scrathes the mouse pad , there is no picture for proof as its a feeling.

      The mouse has such a bad design, as of the actual mouse movement, I just opened the box and took out the mouse, started using it and noticed that it scratches onto the mouse pad which I have never experienced before. I have never been dissapointed by razer but today it has just ruined it for me, I dont think I will ever shop there again. There is no way that a mouse which is £80 can actually be so poorly made and have such low quality.

      Good mouse, unfortunately flawed.

      The form factor of the mouse feels quite appealing to be as someone playing a lot of RTS games. The latest iteration of Razer Synaps works well and allows you to control variables such as dpi of the mouse and lighting colour and effects. I purchased this at full price at £40 and would have considered this a decent value but... about a month or so in after my purchase, the mouse developed a fault in the operation of the right button. The button started to creak and grind upon press. The button feels mushy and sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish if the click has registered or not. This ultimately ruined the entire experience in using the mouse and from what I can gather from other reviews it is a common problem with the Viper and Viper mini. I could not return the mouse to Bargain Fox for a refund as the return window has expired by the time the defect appeared so I'm stuck with it. I would advise against buying this mouse as for me the defect it developed completely ruined the experience of using the product. I have attached a short video replicating the issue. I will personally stay away from Razer products in future.

      The best I've used but it does have some faults

      Right so, first of all this is the best mouse I've ever used. The lightness of it is just amazing. The battery life if you turn the lights off last for weeks, if you leave the lights on days, the glide pads on the bottom are the best I've used.

      but it does have its faults:

      The plastics let it down, maybe it's to make it light white but they don't feel premium.

      The scroll wheel rattles.

      The dock pins where you put the mouse you have to slide the mouse up a little so the pins slip into the holes on the mouse. It doesn't always charge unless you push the mouse up the dock alittle until it starts charging, not the end of the world.

      NOT usb C really annoying can't use other usb B cables to charge it. But at least the long battery svaes it. I can go away for 2 weeks and not worry about it running flat

      The lighting on the mouse doesn't match any of razer's current equipment because the logo is under frosted plastic so it looks weird.

      It's still the best mouse I've used the weight makes a massive difference and I've noticed the difference going back to my g900 which lived in my laptop bag.

      Razer Viper, finally a product I can get behind from Razer

      Razer finally has something I can get behind. I have never liked their products, my experience of their mice was big and bulky, heavy, keyboards too gamer-y and flashy.

      The Viper is light, looks decent, clean, very responsive and the glide on the mouse feels excellent. Never thought I'd be using a Razer product, hopefully more of this style to come.

      Only downside for me is the side buttons don't come out much but that's just a preference and getting used to something.

      What a steal for the price of you don't mind high LOD or can find a fix

      Good price
      Decent tracking
      Good cable
      Great stakez
      Nice shape
      Well made
      Light weight without holes
      Works on consoles
      Can be used without the software

      High lift off distance (LOD) - limited firmware fixes avalible at this time.

      This mouse originally had issues with High lift off distance (LOD) Which for me made it unusable but there are some fixes out which can help from Razer or other sources.

      If you can live with the high LOD or fix it then this mouse is one of the best on the market for its price. The 3359 sensor installed isn’t as good as the 3389 or 3360 but It provides decent tracking.

      It’s made for a smaller hand if you want to palm it but if you claw or finger tip you can use it with a larger hand. Mines a 18cm x 9cm and I’m find with it.

      Cable is the speedflex which for me is decent but a Paracord could improve it though at this price it’s a great cable.

      Glide is smooth and fast with the PTFE skatez

      It weights only 60 grams and doesn’t have any holes which is awesome.

      Fast mouse clicks with the opto mech. though could be more crisp snap.

      You can use it without the Razer software

      Not perfect

      Pros: Its quick, responsive, lots of things to customise, lightweight, great for gaming, superb battery life and speedy charge time.

      But, the cons does leave the gpro wireless lingering at the back of my head.. cons are: The ergonomic is terrible regardless grip style. It flares towards the head of the mouse so, your third finger is forced to spread rather uncomfortably through out your gaming session and you’re very aware of this discomfort at all times. It randomly stops working every now and then. Not even turning it off and on again would fix it. You have to unplug the cable from the docking unit, wait a bit to replug and then it’ll work again. The lights goes off after being idle for a set period and should come back on once its active again, however 1 in 20 times the lights won’t come back on.

      There’s much to nitpick about the mouse but most is forgivable because of its weight and battery life. The only thing I can’t get over is how much it flares towards the front.,

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